New Empire minis arrived!

First post! For now I am planning to mostly use this blog/web-site to keep track of my miniature collection. Over years I’ve collected hundreds of miniatures and I’ve started to slowly loose track of what I actually have. So let’s start with a new addition to my collection…

Today I’ve received a package with some Oldhammer goodies - in Poland everything metal is considered Oldhammer.

  • old metal Hellblaster - it misses Leonardo, but luckily I have one extra in my collection
  • old metal Mortar with full crew
  • 25x plastic Halberdiers
  • 4x metal Flagellants
  • 6x Knights of White Wolf (one without the top of the hammer, but that’s something easy to fix)
  • Grand Master of the Knights of White Wolf
  • Mounted Hero with a hammer
  • handful of bits, incl. 3 knight bodies and some extra horses

All models have been added to my collection list.

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